Watch Tomb Raider 2018 Full movie Stream Online

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Watch Tomb Raider 2018 Full movie Stream

Tomb Raider 2018

The ghost of Angelina Jolie past — that mesmerizing dark star, to the screen born — hangs over the new, suitably titled “Tomb Raider.” A dreary, inept reboot of the franchise that helped propel Ms. Jolie into global domination (and pop-culture divinity), it stars the talented, badly misused Swedish actress Alicia Vikander as the British adventurer Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider 2018

Sexed down and pumped up, Ms. Vikander certainly looks the role, with flowing hair and a washboard stomach you could play the blues on. She runs, jumps and leaps into this yawning void with grim determination.

Tomb Raider 2018

There are many ways for a movie to go wrong, and “Tomb Raider” goes wrong in many of the most obvious: It has a generic story, bad writing, a miscast lead, the wrong director and no fun. When you first meet Lara Croft, she’s doing the poor little rich girl thing in London, working as a bike messenger and kick boxing in her off hours. Her globe-traveling zillionaire father (Dominic West) disappeared years ago while chasing down a Japanese goddess of death or some such. Refusing to accept either his death or her inheritance, she ends up taking her daddy issues to Asia.

Tomb Raider Full movie Online

First, Lara runs around Hong Kong, where she hires a cute boozer captain (an underused Daniel Wu) who instantly sobers up and takes her to a mysterious isle. There, she runs and runs some more, dodging danger and villains who are also searching for her father’s mystery goddess. The lead baddie is a cookie-cutter scoundrel, but at least he’s played by Walton Goggins, a skilled mustache twirler (as he regularly proved on the TV show “Justified.”) Looking rather like a midcareer Bruce Dern here, Mr. Goggins oils up his rust-bucket role enough to give it a hint of personality.

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